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Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

We are dedicated to the efficient and safe administration of wills, trusts, and estates. Through years of experience, we provide our clients with efficiencies that are not easily found. Our goal is to assist our clients who are serving as Executors, Administrators, and Trustees with the settling of estates, and administration of trusts, as quickly as possible, with good economy, communication, and diligence.

Probate and Estate Administration

Probate is the official process by which a deceased person's will is proved and recorded as authentic and valid in Virginia. Probate is often complicated, frustrating, and confusing. In some instances, it is not even necessary. Our goal is to help those charged with this important task to determine what they must do to open the deceased's estate (if required), distribute the deceased's assets in accordance with Virginia law, keep the peace among those grieving, and avoid mistakes, which can be costly and prolong the process. If a loved one or friend has named you as the person responsible for this task, please contact us today to learn how we might assist you with probate.

Similarly, once an individual is appointed as an agent, guardian, or conservator of another, that individual takes on specific legal duties and responsibilities. Our goal is to help those serving in a fiduciary role avoid costly mistakes in the administration process. If a loved one or friend has named you as their agent under an advance medical directive or power of attorney, or if a court has appointed you as the guardian or conservator of a loved one, please contact us today to learn how we might assist you properly carry out your fiduciary role.

Trust Administration

Trust administration occurs after the death of an individual who creates a trust. The person named as a successor trustee in the trust is responsible for administering the trust, which consists of many important steps, including identifying the assets in the trust, contacting beneficiaries and creditors, and distributing assets to the beneficiaries according to the terms of the trust. In addition, the successor trustee must take specific steps to properly administer the trust and avoid personal liability. Being a successor trustee will take a lot of work, but it is doable, and it is important to remember that the person who created the trust thought you were up for the task. To learn how we might assist you with trust administration, please contact us today.


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